Full Name Department/Office Email
Gina G. Bennett Gina G. Bennett
Assistant Professor of Global Studies
Coker College of Humanities & Sciences
Amy Morris Amy Morris
Director of Alumni Engagement
Office of Alumni Engagement (843) 383-8214
Lynn Ackiss Lynn Ackiss
Assistant Registrar
Office of Academic Records (843) 383-8045
Richmond Adebiaye Richmond Adebiaye
Clinical Faculty of Business
Business Administration 843-383-4226
Austin Ambrose Austin Ambrose
Head Men's Lacrosse Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 383-8049
Michael Antoniewicz Michael Antoniewicz
Men's Soccer Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 383-8168
Brianna Antoniewicz Brianna Antoniewicz
Senior Admissions Counselor
Office of Undergraduate Admissions (843) 857-4130
Lisa Atkinson Lisa Atkinson
Assistant Director of Operations
Office of Undergraduate Admissions (843) 383-8051
Joseph Bacot Joseph Bacot
Visiting Assistant Professor of Criminology
Coker College of Humanities & Sciences (843)857-4157
Paul Baker Paul Baker
Assistant Coach for Track & Field, Cross Country
Coker Athletics
Helen Beane Helen Beane
H.R. Generalist
Offices & Services (843)383-8058
Gregory Bearer Gregory Bearer
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Coker Athletics
Aaron Beebe Aaron Beebe
Associate Director of Athletics
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4281
Brittany Bennett Brittany Bennett
Softball Coach
Coker Athletics (843)383-8164
Reginald Bess Reginald Bess
Clinical Professor of World Language and Culture
Coker College of Humanities & Sciences (843) 857-4221
Bikram Bhusal Bikram Bhusal
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics (843) 383-8351
Jazmin Brockington Jazmin Brockington
Office Administrator and Event Coordinator
Office of Advancement (843) 383-8014
Dennis Burke Dennis Burke
Clinical Assistant Professor in Business
School of Business (843)383-8115
Andrew Burkemper Andrew Burkemper
Director, Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship; Assistant Professor of Business
School of Business (843) 383-8112
Dan Buryj Dan Buryj
Vice President of Administration and Finance
Finance Office (843) 383-8023
Antoryia Campbell Antoryia Campbell
Mental Health Accommodations Counselor
Counseling Services (843)383-8165
Josh Chandler Josh Chandler
IT Help Desk Analyst
Information Technology (843) 857-4135
Sabyasachi Chatterjee Sabyasachi Chatterjee
Visiting Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry (843)383-8088
Inhye Cho Inhye Cho
Staff Pianist
James Colapietro James Colapietro
Assistant Athletics Director of Media Relations
Coker Athletics
Andrea L. Coldwell Andrea L. Coldwell
Dean of the College of Humanities and Sciences; Associate Professor of English
Coker College of Humanities & Sciences (843) 383-8101
Richard E. Coldwell Richard E. Coldwell
Online & Bridge Student Success Coach
Student Success Center (843) 383-8016
Whitney Costner Whitney Costner
University Registrar
Office of the Provost
Whitney Cranford Whitney Cranford
Clinical Faculty, Psychology; Faculty Athletics Representative
Psychology (843) 383-8102
Cathleen G. Cuppett Cathleen G. Cuppett
Dean of Digital Learning
Digital Learning (843) 383-8121
Brianna D’Angelo Brianna D’Angelo
Head Acrobatics & Tumbling Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 857-8176
Nancin Dadem Nancin Dadem
Assistant Professor of Communications
Communication (843)383-8078
Greg Daniels Greg Daniels
Major Gifts Officer
Office of Advancement (843)383-8082
Cheryl Davids Cheryl Davids
Clinical Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics (843) 383-8044
Katherine Davis Katherine Davis
Associate Vice President of Strategic Communications
Office of Marketing and Communications 843-857-4213
Mykal Dawkins Mykal Dawkins
Graduate Assistant for Track and Field
Coker Athletics
Melissa DeVore Melissa DeVore
Women's Basketball Coach
Coker Athletics (843)383-8075
Clarissa Dickens-Jones Clarissa Dickens-Jones
TRIO Student Support Services Counselor
TRIO Student Support Services (843) 857-4108
Michael Donald Michael Donald
Women's Soccer Coach
Coker Athletics (843)383-8203
Morgan Downey Morgan Downey
Head Field Hockey Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4119
Stephanie Dragan Stephanie Dragan
Women's Volleyball Coach
Coker Athletics (843)383-8117
Matthew Dunn Matthew Dunn
Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
Coker Athletics
Jeff Faulkner Jeff Faulkner
Women's Lacrosse Head Coach
Coker Athletics (843)857-4202
Haven Faulkner Haven Faulkner
Operations Accounting Specialist
Office of Student Accounts 8433838023
Jia Fei Jia Fei
Assistant Professor in Biology
Biology (843)383-8083
Justin Ferrell Justin Ferrell
Director of Annual Giving and Donor Relations
Office of Alumni Engagement (843) 383-8384
Phyllis G. Fields Phyllis G. Fields
Professor of Theatre
Theatre (843) 383-8383
Katie Flaherty Katie Flaherty
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
Administration 843.857.4227
Joseph E. Flaherty Joseph E. Flaherty
Professor of Biology; Director of Undergraduate Research; Coordinator of the Biology Education Program
Biology (843) 383-8079
Elizabeth Floyd Elizabeth Floyd
Assistant Director of Kalmia Gardens
Kalmia Gardens (843) 383-8145
Destiny Floyd Destiny Floyd
Admissions Counselor
Office of Undergraduate Admissions (843) 383-8052
Eliza Franklin Eliza Franklin
Coach Spirit Squad
Coker Athletics 843-383-3864
Caroline Fulghum Caroline Fulghum
Coordinator and Student Success Coach
Student Success Center (843) 857-4131
Amber Gainey Amber Gainey
Manager of Retail Operations
Bookstore (843)857-4111
Christian Gallman Christian Gallman
Baseball Assistant Coach
Coker Athletics (843)857-4287
Angela M. Gallo Angela M. Gallo
Professor of Dance; Dean, School of Visual and Performing Arts
Dance (843) 383-8381
Eugene Burwin Galloway Eugene Burwin Galloway
Head Coach for Cross Country and Track
Coker Athletics (843)857-4146
Chen Gao Chen Gao
Assistant Professor of Art
Art (843)383-8151
Jonathan Garren Jonathan Garren
Instruction and Outreach Librarian, Assistant Professor of Library Science
Library (843) 383-8126
Margaret J. Godbey Margaret J. Godbey
Associate Professor of English, Director of the Writer's Studio, Director of Educational Travel, and Fulbright Program Advisor
Education (843) 383-8118
Lynn Griffin Lynn Griffin
Vice President for Athletics and Athletic Facilities
Coker Athletics (843) 383-8071
Brian Guidry-LeTraunik Brian Guidry-LeTraunik
Assistant Professor in Theatre
Theatre (843)383-8170
Nathaniel Gulledge Nathaniel Gulledge
Associate Professor of Art; Coordinator of the Art Program
Art (843) 383-8152
John Hackney John Hackney
Head Golf Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4216
James Hall James Hall
Upward Bound Program Director
Student Services (843) 857-4198
Reed Hanna Reed Hanna
Clinical Faculty in Music; Coordinator of Instrumental Studies; Director - Coker University Concert Band
Music (843) 383-8064
Natalie Harder Natalie Harder
President of Coker University
Office of the President
Wesley Hardymon Wesley Hardymon
Director of Business Operations
Finance Office (843) 383-8024
Michele Harris Michele Harris
Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing, Clinical Coordinator
Nursing 843-383-8317
Carolyn Hart Carolyn Hart
Dean of Nursing; Associate Professor of Nursing
Nursing (843) 383-8313
Cole Heatherly Cole Heatherly
Director of Residence Life
Office of Residence Life (843) 383-8171
Susan Henderson Susan Henderson
Provost and Dean of the Faculty
Office of the Provost (843) 383-8264
Daniel T. Hill Daniel T. Hill
Assistant Director of Kalmia Gardens
Kalmia Gardens (843) 383-8145
Darrell Holliday, Jr. Darrell Holliday, Jr.
Professor of Business
Business Administration (843) 383-8114
Dr. Elizabeth Holmes Dr. Elizabeth Holmes
Clinical Faculty in Voice, Director of the Coker Community Music Program
Audrey Holmes Audrey Holmes
Clinical Associate Professor of Nursing
Nursing (843)383-8316
Sam Hoyt Sam Hoyt
Director of Student Success
Office of Student Services 843-383-8036
Tammy Huskey Tammy Huskey
Accounts Payable & Accounting Analyst
Finance Office (843) 383-8027
Mal Hyman Mal Hyman
Associate Professor of Sociology
Sociology (843) 383-8100
John Jewell John Jewell
Professor of Physical Education and Sport Studies
Physical Education and Sport Studies (843) 383-8166
Jody L. Johnson Jody L. Johnson
Coordinator of College Services
Mailroom (843) 857-4200
Haley Jones Haley Jones
Assistant Softball Coach
Coker Athletics (843)857-4284
Joseph Kammerer Joseph Kammerer
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 383-8073
Dr. Marvin Keene Dr. Marvin Keene
Dean, School of Business / Professor of Business
School of Business 843-383-8266
Janice Kiser Janice Kiser
Clinical Assistant Professor
Wiggins School of Education (843) 383-8399
Eileen Klang Eileen Klang
Program Director-Associate Professor of Nursing
Nursing (843) 383-8318
Julia Klimek Julia Klimek
Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies; Director of Interdisciplinary Studies Program
English (843) 383-8059
Adjetey Klufio Adjetey Klufio
Assistant Dance Professor
Dance (843)383-8393
Rhonda Knight Rhonda Knight
Professor of English; James Wayne Lemke Chair in University Service and Leadership
English (843) 383-8120
Fredrick Kondla Fredrick Kondla
Baseball Coach
Coker Athletics (843)383-8105
Michael Lamberti Michael Lamberti
Men's Basketball Coach
Coker Athletics (843)383-8092
Victoria Lawhon Victoria Lawhon
Assistant Director of Recruitment
Office of Undergraduate Admissions (843) 857-4102
Alyssa Loo Alyssa Loo
Graduate Assistant
Coker Athletics
Justin Lyde Justin Lyde
Systems Administrator
Information Technology 843-383-8323
David Mack David Mack
Graduate Assistant for Athletics Media Relations
Coker Athletics
Jose Mancilla Jose Mancilla
Institutional Reporting Coordinator Data Analyst
Office of Academic Records (843)857-4228
Jade McDowell Jade McDowell
Administrative Assistant Upward Bound Trio Student Support Services
TRIO Student Support Services (843) 857-4125
Whitney McFadden Whitney McFadden
Upward Bound Counselor
TRIO Student Support Services (843)857-4193
Sandy F. McKenzie Sandy F. McKenzie
IT Specialist and Project Coordinator
Information Technology (843) 383-8086
James E. McLaughlin James E. McLaughlin
Professor of Physical Education and Sport Studies
Physical Education and Sport Studies (843) 383-8355
Ariel Miles Ariel Miles
Operations Support Specialist
Office of Undergraduate Admissions (843) 857-4194
Kelly Miller Kelly Miller
Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
Nursing (843)383-8314
Felicia Miller Felicia Miller
Director of Financial Aid
Office of Student Financial Planning (843) 847-4117
Adenife Modile Adenife Modile
Assistant Professor Of Sociology And Coordinator Of The Sociology Program
Sociology (843)383-8060
Shawna Barnett Moffitt Shawna Barnett Moffitt
Special Lecturer in Communication
Communication (843)383-8069
Gita Mohanty Gita Mohanty
Assistant Professor of Biology
Biology (843)383-8099
Sharon S. Moore Sharon S. Moore
Financial Aid Counselor
Office of Student Financial Planning (843) 857-4113
Reggie Mosley Reggie Mosley
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Coker Athletics (843)857-4285
Heather Norment Heather Norment
Executive Assistant to the President
Office of the President (843) 383-8010
Melinda B. Norris Melinda B. Norris
Associate Professor
Business Administration (843) 383-8148
Karen Ortiz Karen Ortiz
Coordinator for Student Internships, Certification and Dual Enrollment
Wiggins School of Education (843) 383-8137
Dr. Suzanne Parker Dr. Suzanne Parker
Professor of Physical Education and Sport Studies
Physical Education and Sport Studies (843) 383-8257
Robert Parland Robert Parland
Wrestling Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4214
Joshua Peters Joshua Peters
Technical Director
Theatre (843)383-8382
Chris A. Pierce Chris A. Pierce
Grounds Supervisor
Kalmia Gardens (843) 383-8145
Charlie Poag Charlie Poag
Director of Information Technology
Information Technology 843-383-8398
Holly Poag Holly Poag
Strategic Communications Manager
Office of Marketing and Communications (843) 857-4215
Hugh Pressley Hugh Pressley
Coordinator Of The First Year Experience & Student Transitions
Office of Student Services (843)857-4132
Sydney Price Sydney Price
Student Success First Year Student Transitions Librarian
Library (843)383-8128
Laurence Prince Laurence Prince
Gallery Director
School of Visual & Performing Arts
Donna Quick Donna Quick
Vice President of Student Experience
Office of Student Services (843)383-8198
Jennifer Raia Jennifer Raia
Professor of Biology; Director of the Honors Program; Coordinator of the Environmental Studies Minor; Coordinator of Biology Program
Biology (843) 383-8396
Claudine Rayess Claudine Rayess
Associate Professor of Nursing and Graduate Nursing Programs Coordinator
Nursing (843) 383-8315
Jennifer S. Rhodes Jennifer S. Rhodes
Assistant to the Provost; Coordinator of Student Accessibility Support
Office of the Provost (843) 383-8012
Robin L. Richardson Robin L. Richardson
Director of International Student Services Student Success Coach
Student Success Center (843) 383-8021
Kenneth Roach II Kenneth Roach II
Director of Admissions
Enrollment Management (843) 383-8054
Rory Robinson Rory Robinson
University Store Associate, Special Projects
Julia Rowland Julia Rowland
Senior Associate Director of Athletics
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4101
Daniel J. Schmotzer Daniel J. Schmotzer
Director of Campus Recreation and Wellness
Physical Education and Sport Studies (843) 858-0739
Natalia Schradle Natalia Schradle
Assistant Professor of Dance
Dance (843) 383-8067
Randy Self Randy Self
Clinical Assistant Professor of Education
Wiggins School of Education (843) 383-8132
Austin Sheppard Austin Sheppard
Assistant Professor of Art
Art (843) 383-8150
Michael L. Siegfried Michael L. Siegfried
Professor of Criminology and Sociology
Tom Simpson Tom Simpson
Men's and Women's Tennis Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 495-2735
Meredith Sims Meredith Sims
Associate Professor of Dance; Coordinator of Dance Program
Dance (843) 383-8335
Adrienne Singletary Adrienne Singletary
Director of Fan Engagement and Event Management
Coker Athletics (843) 383-4278
Darlene B. Small Darlene B. Small
Director of the Center for Diversity, Interfaith, and Inclusion Education
Center for Diversity, Interfaith & Inclusion Education (843) 383-8039
Andrew Smith Andrew Smith
Head E-Sports Coach
Coker Athletics (843) 857-4274
Scott Smith Scott Smith
Clinical Assistant Professor Of First Year Writing
English (843)383-8116
Lexi Smith Lexi Smith
Graduate Assistant for Women's Volleyball
Coker Athletics
Pingyi Song Pingyi Song
Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Choral Activities
Music 843-383-8601
Joseph Stevano Joseph Stevano
Associate Professor of Business
Business Administration (843) 383-8041
Lisa Stockdale Lisa Stockdale
Dean of Education; Coordinator of Early Childhood and Elementary Education Programs
Wiggins School of Education (843) 383-8133
Sarah Swaim Sarah Swaim
Admissions Counselor and Campus Visit Coordinator
Office of Undergraduate Admissions (843) 857-4141
Ambrosia D. Teabo Ambrosia D. Teabo
Student Accounts Manager
Office of Student Accounts (843) 383-8026
Cheryl Telligman Cheryl Telligman
Student Success Access Services, Evening Librarian
Library 843-383-8127
Frederick Thomas Frederick Thomas
Assistant Psychology Professor
Psychology (843)383-8103
Samuel Tuten Samuel Tuten
Graduate Assistant
Coker Athletics
Christopher Valdez Christopher Valdez
Director of Athletics Media Relations
Coker Athletics (843)383-4275
Sara Vaughn Sara Vaughn
Director of Accounting and Finance
Finance Office 8433838025
Tony Vu Tony Vu
Graduate Assistant
Coker Athletics
James Wacker James Wacker
Assistant Professor of Business
School of Business (843) 857-4199
Xingjian Wang Xingjian Wang
Assistant Professor Of Chemistry And Coordinator Of General Science Program And Chemical Lab Safety
Chemistry (843)383-8089
Joshua Webb Joshua Webb
Associate Professor of Theatre; Coordinator of the Theatre Program; Director of Performance Services
Theatre (843) 383-8378
Stephanie Weiss Stephanie Weiss
Assistant Professor of Business
Business Administration (843) 383-8113
Angela F. White Angela F. White
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Office of Student Financial Planning (843) 857-4114
Tracy Whitted Tracy Whitted
Program Coordinator for the MS in College Athletic Administration Program; Clinical Faculty in Business
M.S. College Athletic Administration (505) 730-7377
Menake Wijerathne Menake Wijerathne
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics (843) 383-8093
Michael Williamson Michael Williamson
Director, Campus Safety and Security
Campus Safety (843) 383-8194
Alexander Willie Alexander Willie
Clinical Associate Professor Of Chinese
Chinese (843)857-4220
Jim Willis Jim Willis
Acquisitions Coordinator Cataloging Access Services Librarian
Library 18433838130
Graham Wood Graham Wood
Professor of Music; Co-Coordinator of the Music Program
Music (843) 383-0457
Sheridyn Woofter Sheridyn Woofter
Graduate Assistant for Women's Soccer
Coker Athletics

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