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How can you grow?

At Coker University, Honors students are encouraged to pursue their interests. Doing well in classes is just the beginning for an Honors student. Students are involved in campus leadership, while others help professors on nationally recognized research projects. Others get involved with service projects that aid local and global communities. Honors students can cultivate their global citizenship through study-away experiences. Those who are drawn to artistic fields are encouraged to explore their creativity through performances and projects.

The Honors Program cultivates leadership development, personal growth, and reflective citizenship through a combination of coursework, co-curricular experiences and independent exploration. And when the time comes, their skills and experiences help Honor students stand out to employers or graduate schools.

All Honors students develop their own paths and tell their own stories.

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Meet The director!

Rhonda Knight – Director of the Honors Program

rknight@beykozorganizasyon.net | honors_program@beykozorganizasyon.net
(843) 383-8120

Programs Benefit

  • Honors Thesis

    As an Honors student, you will take a few specialized classes designed to encourage your growth in the areas of scholarship, leadership and personal development. From taking interdisciplinary honors seminars to working closely with a faculty mentor on your capstone project, the coursework will enhance your Coker education through experiences that will build your knowledge and confidence.

  • As an Honors student, you will have many opportunities to increase your knowledge of the world and other cultures. You will take courses that develop your foreign language skills and enable you to investigate  your place in the world. For those of you who are interested, you will have access to a $2,500 scholarship to support a study abroad class or even a whole semester abroad. Previous Honors students have used this opportunity to enhance their Coker education in many ways. Some have traveled with Coker-sponsored courses to explore countries such as Greece and Portugal. Others have enrolled in summer programs in Italy and Thailand.

  • Coker University 101H

    From your first semester in the Honors Program, you will begin exploring the qualities that make successful leaders and then assess your strengths and weaknesses, such as managing time, setting goals, and developing a growth mindset.

    Small seminars created just for you address global issues and encourage you to dig deeper and voice your own opinions, based on academic research and reflection.

    You will have financial support in various ways to complete unique and personalized experiences.You will be supported each semester with a $500 scholarship. You are also guaranteed $2,500 to complete a study abroad experience.

    You will have opportunities to gain professional experience, such as working as a research assistant, collaborating with faculty on a project, attending professional conferences, applying for grants to complete your own project, whether creative or research focused, or even having your writing published.

  • Honors Student Council

    The Honors Student Council provides a forum for student feedback into the Honors Program and, under the guidance of the Director of the Honors Program, organizes community service and leadership activities for Honors Students.

  • Mentorship Program

    To build leadership skills, continuing Honors Students serve as mentors to entering Honors Students. Beginning in the second year, each Honors Student is assigned a mentee. The mentor introduces the new Honors Student to the program and helps the mentee become involved in the College as a whole.

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